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The ‘Operating Systems’ section of Droid Poker deals with all the technical aspects of playing on a mobile poker site or app.

Picture this: You’re thinking about playing mobile poker on the go. You decide to download apps on your iPhone and an Android tablet. However, you didn’t pay much attention to the fact that the app consoles might be different, or playing on one of the two might be easier or better usability-wise. What operating systems should you be playing poker on? Is it any different to play the same game on different mobile devices? What if one of your device dies, but you want to continue playing the same hand on the other device. Is this possible?

Droid Poker comes to your rescue. We promise, we won’t be getting too technical for your interest or imagination. Currently, we test poker sites and apps on Android, iOS, and Windows, and you can see these dedicated sub-categories on the site.

We don’t intend to be focussing on this section more than the others, but a couple of handy guides shall ensure that you don’t face too many hurdles due to the user interface difference on different devices.


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