Introduction to the Phone Bill Section

Mobile phone on top of wallet and bills

You’ve all heard of paying online using methods such as Visa or MasterCard, but many people don’t realise that there is a much easier option when using their mobile phones – phone bill payments! Why bother going through the tedium of entering all your card details and security number, when a few clicks on your phone could transfer money straight into your mobile poker account? We love this depositing method and think it should be used more widely, which is why we’ve got a whole section of this site devoted to it!

So, what will you find in this section? After all, there can’t be much to say about a topic like mobile phone billing, can there? Well, you’d be surprised! We’ll talk about the different sites that accept this form of payment, how to complete phone billing, why phone billing is such a good option, plus many, many more other things besides.

So, if you play mobile poker regularly and are looking for a more convenient way to deposit, keep checking back on Droid Poker to find out how phone bill payments could be the perfect choice for you! There’s plenty of articles on other forms of depositing as well on this site, such as Ukash and Bitcoin, just so you can get a good overview of every different option.

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