PokerStars TopUp Vouchers Explained

PokerStars TopUp vouchers

If you’ve played mobile poker before, you’ll probably be aware of the many different ways you can deposit money to your account. There are the common methods, such as Visa and Skrill, through to the less used methods, such as ecoCard and ClickandBuy – but most people haven’t heard of the newest form of payment from PokerStars: PokerStars TopUp vouchers.

PokerStars TopUp vouchers are, as the name suggests, only available to use with PokerStars (although other sites will undoubtedly follow suit soon), and provide a number of key benefits to poker players on this site. This article will analyse this payment method thoroughly, and let you know whether it is the perfect payment method for you…

How Do PokerStars TopUp Vouchers Work?

PokerStars TopUp vouchers are an incredibly simple concept, which makes you wonder why they haven’t been thought of before. They are vouchers that are bought in the High Street, before then being exchanged online for cash in your PokerStars account – like Ukash, but solely for PokerStars players.

PayPoint and PayZoneSo, the first step is to find an outlet that sells PokerStars vouchers. You might think this will be difficult – you probably haven’t seen it advertised anywhere – but it is, in fact, exceedingly simple. This is because the vouchers are bought in conjunction with the Payzone and PayPoint schemes, meaning that there are over 20,000 different places to buy them in the UK. So, find one of these retailors (Payzone Store Locator / PayPoint Locator) and simply request a voucher – they can be bought in denominations of £10, £25, £50, £100 and £250.

Okay, so now you are holding a PokerStars TopUp voucher, but it’s worthless until you’ve converted it to funds in your PokerStars account. So how do you do this? The answer is a simple one. Firstly, sign into your account and head to the cashier. Then, select the PokerStars TopUp voucher option from the menu. Finally, input the code found on your voucher and voila! The money will be placed into your PokerStars account, ready to be used for any of the different games on offer. PokerStars do not charge anything for this service, so the money you spend on the voucher will all be transferred into your account.

Are There Any Limits?

There are limits to the amount that can be deposited using this method, however these limits are absolutely huge, so won’t affect anyone aside from the really big players. When using PokerStars TopUp vouchers, you’ll be able to deposit a maximum of £630 per transaction, up to a maximum of £3,150 per month. If you are concerned that this might lead to problems, you can restrict the amount of deposits you can make on the site – we would also recommend contacting an organisation to talk about your gambling, such as Gamblers Anonymous.

Can PokerStars TopUp Vouchers Be Used for Withdrawals?

Currently, this is not something that you can do, therefore you will need to find a different method for withdrawals. In addition, we don’t expect this to become a feature any time soon: call us cynical, but why would PokerStars want you to make withdrawals? They want the money to stay on the site, so they can generate more profits!

Ukash LogoThere are, of course, many different withdrawal methods open to you, with the most popular being to transfer the funds straight to your bank account. If you are using PokerStars TopUp vouchers though, the chances are that you don’t want to use your bank account. So what should you do? Ukash is the answer, as this banking method doesn’t use your bank account, yet does let you withdraw. Just be prepared to show some ID the first time you use this withdrawal method.

Is This Available For Mobile Users?

Mobile Phone and Red Question MarkNow, this might be a slightly unexpected answer, but mobile users can not currently use this method for depositing. So why are we bothering to mention it on a mobile site then? The answer is simple: we think that it is the perfect way for mobile users to top up their account, and want to urge PokerStars to roll this depositing method out to their mobile platform.

Just think: you are waiting at the bus stop and want a game of poker. The problem is, you don’t want to stand there with your phone and debit card on display, shining like a beacon to potential thieves. Then you see a shop offering PokerStars TopUp vouchers, and all is saved. You get to play poker (and hopefully win loads of cash), and don’t have to spend the whole journey home bored, listening to the old ladies moan about their various gripes. So, come on PokerStars – we love this depositing method, but we don’t love the fact that only standard online users can use it!

It should be noted that it is possible to use these vouchers to top up your account while using a laptop or computer, and these funds will then be shown in your account when playing on your mobile. The funds just can’t be transferred using your mobile device.

Are PokerStars TopUp Vouchers Right For You?

Until PokerStars make this available to mobile players, we can’t really endorse it. However, when they do, we will be more than happy to recommend this payment method to all poker players at this site. The vouchers are easy to buy, they don’t cost any extra money, and they take away the worry of using credit or debit cards online (although this is perfectly safe at PokerStars). So, PokerStars, give mobile players what they want – add PokerStars TopUp vouchers to the mobile depositing methods!


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