Ukash: What, Why and How?

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When it comes to depositing, it isn’t all about credit cards and PayPal. What if you don’t have a credit card to use? Or maybe you are just dubious about using your card online? Or perhaps PayPal just doesn’t appeal to you, what with their charges on certain transactions? Well, there is another way, a way that allows you to use cash to pay for purchases online. That way is Ukash.

This article aims to let you know what Ukash is exactly, as it is a payment method that not everyone has heard of. It’ll also let you know the benefits of using Ukash, and even go as far as to tell you how you can get that money from your pocket and into the mobile poker site of your choice…

What is Ukash?

Man paying online with cashUkash is a simple concept, but it has revolutionised the way in which many people make purchases online. Essentially, Ukash is a prepaid card, which can be topped up in various outlets throughout the country with the amount you choose. You then take this card and enter the information onto the payment portal of your chosen poker site and, voila, you have money in your account, without ever needing to part with your card details. There are loads of different places that offer this service – and we have found this comprehensive list of Ukash providers to make your life easier.

Ukash isn’t just found on a few mobile poker sites though – it is accepted widely all over the internet. For example, some huge chains like T J Hughes and Blue Inc accept Ukash on their websites, therefore meaning that you can be assured of its trustworthiness. With more new companies accepting Ukash every day, it is only going to grow in popularity.

But what does Ukash cost? Surely the service can’t come for free? Well, here we come bearing good news: Ukash is completely free to consumers, as they make their money from the merchants instead. Of course, merchants can choose to add a charge should you wish to use Ukash as a payment method, however we have not found a mobile poker site doing this to date.

Why Use Ukash?

It is easy to forget that not everyone in the UK has a bank account, and therefore not everyone can make deposits using their debit card or through PayPal, Skrill etc. Therefore, Ukash presents the perfect solution. It is also great for those concerned about regulating the money leaving their bank account through electronic transactions, as let’s face it, sometimes spending on a card can be difficult to keep track of!

In addition to this, it is perfect for those with a scepticism towards using their card online. While most now consider the internet to generally be a safe place to enter card details – and this is certainly the case for the mobile poker sites featured on this site – it is impossible to blame some people for still being concerned. Ukash allows these fears to be quelled, and for you to enjoy your time playing poker, safe from the worry about online card transactions.

How is Ukash Used?

As already stated, Ukash is really easy to use – although it does require some forward planning, as there aren’t many places to buy credit at 1am! The steps to use Ukash are as follows:

  • Head to a shop that sells Ukash top-ups in your area. You’ll find a link showing the different Ukash retailors further up this page.
  • When you pay, the shop will give you a Ukash voucher, which has a unique 19 digit code on it – don’t lose the voucher, as you need this code in order to redeem the voucher online.
  • Go to a mobile poker site that accepts Ukash – there are a large number around – and select Ukash from the payment options.
  • Enter the 19 digit number when prompted and the money will be transferred straight into your mobile poker account. You can choose how much to deposit, so if you want, you can leave a balance on your card for the future.

Chart showing how to use Ukash

Can Ukash Be Used For Withdrawals?

In short, the answer to this is “yes”. Withdrawals are available using Ukash, although the first time you do so you’ll have to go through an identity verification process. This means that you’ll have to provide two forms of identification (including one of: passport, driving licence, national ID card), which you will have to upload to Ukash. This means you will have to create a Ukash account – you don’t need one though if you aren’t going to make withdrawals. Once this is done though, you won’t have to do it for future withdrawals.

When your withdrawal has been approved, you will be able to withdraw the cash from a PayPoint or an ATM near you.

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