Introduction to the Mobile Poker Game Reviews Section

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If you are new to the world of mobile poker, you’ll be surprised at how many different variations of the game there are nowadays! In fact, choosing which game to play would be a total nightmare, if there were nothing to help you. And that help comes in the form of Droid Poker! We’re going through every mobile poker game format in the UK, and plan to give our honest opinions on each, throwing in a whole bunch of facts at the same time. The majority of reviews in this section of the site will focus around the world of video poker, as there are many different types of this incredibly popular game. In fact, some sites have five or six different variations – so how would you know which is best without going through our reviews? Sometimes video poker can be a bit confusing, so we’ve spent time and money working them out, so you can jump straight in and hit the ground running.

We will also review the games offered at more traditional table poker sites, such as PKR and PokerStars, although the reviews will be slightly different. In these, the ways in which the games are played – such as the rules and playing strategies – will be the same for all sites, however there are some subtle variations. Table poker reviews will therefore tell you the best places to play these games, and why. If you want more detailed explanations of strategy and some great money-winning tips instead, why not check out our poker strategy guides? In the fast-moving world of mobile poker, new games are always being released. We dedicate our time to finding them, so that we can write reviews as soon as they’re made available. This means that we’re always the first place online to bring you views and information on new mobile poker games!

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