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Most people don’t realise that Android is actually the most widespread mobile operating system in the world – far more popular than iOS, found on the different Apple products. This is because Android runs on many different phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy and the Nexus, while iOS is only found on the iPhone and iPad. Due to the fact that so many different mobile devices use the Android operating system, there is always a lot to say about it – and we aim to say it all, plus a lot more!

Why do we bother talking about Android though, when this is a poker site? The answer is simple: how well an operating system works directly impacts on the enjoyment you’ll have playing at your favourite mobile poker sites. We’ll let you know which Android phones are best for certain mobile poker apps, how to download poker apps to your Android phone and much, much more. We promise it’s a much more interesting part of the guides section than it sounds!

We’ll be running this section in conjunction with the “News” section of the site, so as to give you the lowdown on everything, as soon as it happens. Any new developments will be placed in the news straight away, and we’ll then write a detailed guide here if needed. Don’t forget: if you need any info about your Android device, let us know. We’ll do our best to get an answer to you ASAP, and we might even produce a feature article on the topic!

If there’s one thing to remember though, it’s this: playing poker on your Android device is a great experience. So, jump on to your mobile or tablet and see how much you can win today!

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