Introduction to the Operating Systems Section

Different mobile operating systems

At Droid Poker, we aim to bring you details on absolutely everything to do with the world of mobile poker – and that includes info on the different operating systems used to play the games. While it might not seem like the widest category, there’s actually a surprising amount to say about mobile operating systems – stuff that will directly influence the way in which you play poker on your mobile device.

There are three major operating systems found on mobile devices nowadays – Apple’s iOS, Android from Google and Windows, which is of course created by Microsoft. Why does this matter though? Well, you need to know whether these different operating systems will support the app from your favourite mobile poker site, or whether the site will display properly on a specific device. You’ll find that the vast majority of mobile poker sites support at least Apple and Android users – users making up the vast majority of players throughout the country – but we’re here to make you aware of any issues, problems or advantages surrounding the different operating systems.

Of course, we’ll also be bringing you stories relating to the latest developments within mobile operating systems, and how they’ll impact your gaming. For example, will a new OS have better graphics, therefore making your gaming experience that much more pleasurable? Or will there be a change in the way you need to download apps to your device? You don’t need to worry about missing out on important news in the mobile poker world, as long as you check back here regularly!

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