Introduction to the Windows Section

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Okay, we know that the Windows mobile operating system isn’t the most popular in the world – certainly when compared to iOS and Android – however there are still plenty of people using it to play mobile poker. That’s why we’ve got a whole section devoted to this OS right here on Droid Poker. We’ll be aiming to bring you loads of guides so you can make the most out of your Windows mobile poker experience.

This means that you’ll find guides on subjects such as how to use the different mobile poker sites on your Windows mobile device, which mobile poker sites are best for those using Windows and which Windows phones are best for playing poker on. If there are any new developments regarding the Windows operating systems – ones that affect mobile poker players, obviously – we’ll also report on them, over in the News section of the site. Don’t be afraid to send your questions about the Windows OS either – we’ll make sure we answer them honestly and thoroughly, either via email or in the form of an article here on Droid Poker.

So, make sure you check back regularly if you play poker on a Windows mobile. In the meantime though, have fun playing poker – either table poker or video poker – at one of the many different mobile poker sites found out there! Hopefully you’ll win a few quid in the process as well…

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