Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Mobile Poker

Poker on Mobile

If you have never played online or mobile poker before, getting started can often be slightly confusing. From signing up, through to choosing what games to play, there are many different things to understand, and sometimes they aren’t explained all that clearly (especially when it comes to sites having to give Winner Poker Logo away).

In order to help you out, we’ve come up with a guide on getting started with mobile poker, which covers all the big steps you’ll encounter. It really isn’t rocket science, however any help we can give should make your mobile poker experience that much better!

Signing Up

So, the first thing you’ll have to do is sign up to the site you have decided to play on. We’re not going to go through choosing the best site here, as we already have an article right on this site about the 10 best mobile poker sites – take a look and hopefully you’ll take our advice and pick Pokerstars or 888Poker! When you’ve decided, head to their site and click on the sign-up button, where you’ll have to put in a number of different details about yourself.

It should be noted that the majority of sites don’t allow players to sign up for their services through the app. Instead, signing up has to be done through the main online site, which can be slightly annoying for those looking to begin playing while away from a computer. Hopefully this will change in the future though, as the sites realise how many people want to play poker using their mobile phone.

When signing up, many sites offer great bonuses, even before a deposit has been made. For example, 888Poker gives all new players £12 when they sign up. It is therefore important you put in the correct code during the sign-up process, otherwise the money might not be credited to your account. Bonuses are also sometimes used to check that your email address is valid, as they will only be applied once you’ve clicked a link in an email sent to you.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up, you can move in to the next stage…

Apps: Available on Google Play and the App StoreDownload the App

If you want to play poker on your mobile, the next step will be to download the relevant app, and all the major poker sites have one. The only prerequisite for this is that you have an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, and that you can get online with it. Most of the apps are not huge, however it is better to be connected to Wi-Fi, as opposed to 3G, when downloading, so that the download doesn’t take absolutely ages. On a side note, poker is generally better when also played on Wi-Fi, as there is nothing worse than losing 3G connectivity just when you’re in the middle of a massive hand!

To download the app, visit either the App Store (Apple users) or Google Play (Android users), then search for the app there. Simply press download and the app will be on your phone in just seconds. Once it is, click on it and use your log-in details to gain access.

Get Some Practice

Firstly, those who have already played poker before and understand the rules can skip this section. Those who haven’t though should take our advice here: practice on the play money tables before risking any real money on the main section of the site.

Most of the big names in the world of poker, such as Pokerstars, have play money options integrated into their mobile apps. These allow you to play poker with credits, against other real players who are also trying to learn the ropes of the game. This will allow you to work out how the site works, what the different buttons do and understand how to rank the hands, develop strategies and play specific hands you are dealt. It is important to remember that, although play money tables use the same rules, people play differently on them. This means that you should not expect to walk into a real money game straight after and have instant success, even if you’ve been cleaning up in the play money section.

Decide on a Game

While in the play money section, you can also have a go at the different types of poker available on the site. There are often a number of different types of poker games to play (Hold ‘Em being without doubt being the most popular), and it is important you find the one you are most comfortable with. You can then move onto the low stakes cash games and play this one type of poker, in order to develop your skills.

It is vital when you first start playing that you don’t try to play every single different type of poker, as it will simply confuse you. We’d recommend starting with Hold ‘Em, and only moving to other games when you are fully competent at Hold ‘Em. Before you move on to the cash games though, there is one other important step to take…

Make a deposit with your mobileMake a Deposit

Before you can start playing with the big boys (or at least with the low stakes players at ring games), you’ll need to head to the cashier and add some money to your account. The exception to this is when you’ve received a free bonus when you signed up, although most table poker sites don’t offer this. The cashier is nearly always available within the mobile app, so can be accessed simply by pressing the relevant button.

In order to make a deposit, you’ll need to choose your preferred depositing method first. These range from standard methods such as Visa and Paypal, through to more obscure payment options, such as Bitcoin. We would recommend starting off by simply using your Visa or Mastercard, as it is easy!

When you’ve chosen your preferred method of depositing, simply enter the details and choose the amount to deposit. £20 is usually a good starting point, as it’s enough to keep you playing for a while, but not so much that it’ll affect your finances badly. When putting in your details, make sure you also add in the code to claim any bonus they are offering – most sites will offer at least a 100% first deposit match, meaning that the £20 you’ve spent is actually worth £40. To find these codes, keep checking back on this site regularly!

It is also possible on some sites to create a fast deposit account. This will allow you to simply click a button and add money to your account, instead of having to go through the whole process of adding your details again.

Move Up Slowly

Now you are all set up and ready to take on the world at mobile poker. There’s one final thing to say though before we let you go: be careful. Many people get a couple of wins and then start to get carried away. This is not good bankroll management. Make sure you don’t move up to higher stakes until you are completely comfortable and also have enough money in your bankroll to ensure that any losses won’t mean you have to deposit again. A good rule is to ensure you have 20x the maximum buy-in for a table, or enough money to buy in 40 times to a tournament or sit & go.

All that is left to say is good luck and we hope that your time spent playing mobile poker is both enjoyable and profitable! Keep checking back here regularly though, to see reviews of the best places to play mobile poker and tips on how to play, as well as information about recent winners and upcoming tournaments.

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