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When it comes to speculating a trend in the mobile gambling market, or even learning about upcoming promotions at a mobile poker site, the best method is to knock on the doors of the gaming companies, and ask them directly! Droid Poker does this diligently enough. Due to our close-knit association with the UK’s poker sites, we are going to be able to feature interviews with company CEOs, senior managers, and other representatives of the casino operators.

In this section, you can expect us to ask candid questions to the mobile poker sites; talk about specific promotions; and bring light to their offerings. Sometimes, we would talk to a software provider who supplies video poker games to multiple poker sites. At other times, it could be a player who has won loads of cash off a particular mobile poker game!

So, what are the takeaways for you, players? Since we intend to do quite a bit of healthy competitor analysis from the interviews, you are going to benefit from the knowledge of one poker sites’ offerings over the other. At Droid Poker, we often get specific promo codes off the casino operators, so watch out for any exclusive Droid Poker offers!

If you’re a mobile casino operator, however, it might be worth bookmarking this section. We know you often are on a lookout for your competitors’ plans and strategies, and there’s no better place than Droid Poker to find the information you seek. Sometimes, we’d let you know in advance that we are doing a specific interview with ‘X’ casino operator, so you can send us readers’ questions in comments or via email.

If you wish to feature on our site instead, you can do so by getting in touch with us.

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