Amaya’s Rapid Growth — What It Means for Players

Amaya Gaming logoSoftware provider for such big sites like PokerStars, Amaya, has reported their overall financial figures for the last financial quarter and the results are… well, good. In fact, good is an understatement. They are exceptional and continue the trend of their year-on-year growth with over £100 million in revenue. This is very surprising considering the scandal involving the CEO which could have damaged toe company’s reputation.

But how did this happen and, more importantly, what does this mean for the players? Well, only good things.

A Rising Power in iGaming

pokerstarsSafe to say, it’s pretty well known by everyone that igambling is becoming a rapidly expanding industry to the point where it’s very hard to stand out. But Amaya has humble roots. It began as a simple provider to PokerStars, its biggest customer to date, but after several smart investments, it has ridden the tide and become almost a market leader in a few short years.

But why does this matter to players? Should they care about how well a company’s doing financially? Absolutely! With better income, a software development company like Amaya has the opportunity to make investments in riskier projects which inevitably leads back to a better experience for the player. Other companies have already taken this initiative and have even made leaps and bounds in new technologies. Imagine if Amaya does the same in the future!

New Players Equals Bigger Return

Growth Chart Arrow Going UpIn their report, Amaya said new players were largely the reason for their £102m profit and that is how they did so well in the last quarter, in spite of the well-publicized scandal of inside trading. The CEO has since stepped down and an interim is now in control of things. But judging by how great things have turned out for them, it seems like they’re doing a good job despite what could arguably be the company’s greatest asset being indisposed.

However, the decision for Baazov to step down happened fairly recently with much of the financial year already passed. We’ll have to see if things carry on going well for them but, rest assure, we have every confidence that it will.

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