Another Bitcoin Poker Site on the Scene: BurnTurn

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The use of Bitcoin throughout the online gaming world is undoubtedly on the rise, with more and more sites everywhere offering Bitcoin as a deposit option. There is a limit, however, to how many established sites are willing to create a Bitcoin friendly environment. That’s why we’re seeing loads of new sites launching, which offer only Bitcoin gaming and tomorrow sees the launch of a brand new Bitcoin poker site: BurnTurn.


Something Different

Seeing as this new Bitcoin site has been in development since way, way back in 2013, you would hope that they have something really special up their sleeves. By the sound of things, BurnTurn really has no intention of disappointing anyone. While offering only Bitcoin depositing is a way of differentiating yourself from the rest of the field (sites like BitnPlay are already have a foot in that market), BurnTurn has developed a number other features which promise to offer a unique and easy playing experience.

The main thing they’ll be pushing are their speedy payouts (made easier by the fact they don’t have any banks to deal with), the unique look and feel of the site and what is being sold as a revolutionary heads-up display, which will make playing easier and more intuitive than ever before. The site wants to attract players of all abilities, so it will be making its environment as nonthreatening as possible. Tomorrow’s launch is for beta testing, but there will still be a full consignment of games available to play. BurnTurn has been active on its Twitter page, where you can find all kinds of special deals and offers.

Open to All

While easy-to-use software and a friendly playing environment are all designed to appeal to as many players as possible, the site is also aware that the Bitcoin gaming element of BurnTurn will make it attractive to players from countries where online poker is prohibited. The fact that the company welcomes this may give players a pause for thought, and perhaps get them to consider if they want to play at a site with those kinds of ethics, but that is certainly a personal choice. The site won’t be operating outside the law in the UK.

Bitcoin Gaming

Playing with Bitcoin isn’t for everyone. It’s certainly a tricky thing to get started with, but if you’re savvy enough to tackle the poker tables, you’ll probably be able to work out how to get a Bitcoin wallet and start using the cryptocurrency to your advantage.

Bitcoin offers unparalleled levels of anonymity and security in online gaming, and the usefulness of the cryptocurrency is matched only by the excitement of using it. Because you never quite know how the volatile currency will be performing from one day to the next, there’s an additional risk element to playing with it, offering an bonus thrill for those who want to spice up the poker tables.

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