Closes WTOP & Amaya Sells Cadillac Jack

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As Zynga Poker’s continued troubles demonstrate, the online poker world is a tough place to be, and competition is fierce. Another indicator of this fact – or rather two more indicators – came this week in the form of announcing the closure of WPTP, and Amaya Gaming announcing the sale of Cadillac Jack. In both cases, the reason cited was the desire to focus on more profitable poker products.


World Poker Tour Poker (WPTP) has been in the family since 2009, and although it has never been what you might call a main player in the online and mobile poker world, it’s certainly had a steady following and enjoyed considerable success. All good things must come to an end though, and as of tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd June 2015) the site will be closing its doors for good, and players will be expected to collect their funds and find elsewhere to play. Digital LogoIn its statement sent to players, expressed regret at the loss of the brand, but explained that the closure meant that it could spend far more time focusing on brands like partypoker, and other brands within the bwin umbrella. With not in the most favourable financial state, and fielding offers for a buyout, streamlining the brand really doesn’t seem like the worst of ideas.

Cadillac Jack

This story is a little different to the first – not least because the brand disappearing is not a poker brand, but rather a software development company which Amaya reckons it can afford to do away with. So why should poker players care in the slightest about its sale? Well, for one thing, the $476,000,000 which Amaya will be receiving from the buyer (Apollo Global Management) is reportedly going to be ploughed straight into the big Amaya poker brands we know and love: PokerStars and Full Tilt.

This money couldn’t come at a better time for PokerStars, which, on top of its recent live dealers and casino games, has just launched a brand new sports betting product. As far as players are concerned, the cash will be like pennies from heaven, as Amaya strips away a brand players have never heard of in order to improve the brands they use every day. and Amaya elsewhere on Droid Poker

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