Downwards Trend Continues for Zynga Poker

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Woe is the life of Zynga Poker. What was once the biggest name in social casino gaming – and on top of that a major player in real money gaming – has been reduced to a pauper over the last couple of years, thanks to reduced revenue, and even greater reductions in player numbers. In a new report on Social Casino Metrics by market analyst company SuperData Research, the full extent of Zynga’s fall from grace has been revealed, and worst of all, predictions in the report suggest there’s further to fall yet.

The first big sign that alerted everyone in the industry to the fact that Zynga was in trouble, was when it announced that it would be discontinuing its real money operations in the UK. While a big announcement like that is always sure to catch people’s attention, the problem has been there much longer than it may seem, and is much deeper rooted that Zynga can really hope to address.

In 2014, Zynga made a total of $204m, which is estimated to fall to $179m by 2015, and to a shocking 2017. While that may only equate to a quarter of the company’s revenue, you’ve got to also consider that in 2014 it lost 44% of its players – not a figure anyone wants to put up with.

Despite the expansion of Zynga Poker – as a social service – on Windows Phones at the end of last year, the gradual decline in the number of players logging on has continued unabated. So far Zynga has been lucky, as its revenue has had a much shallower decline, thanks to the fact that the remaining players are the big spenders on average, and it is the social players being lost, but there are question marks over how much longer it can rely on the high rollers balancing the books.

Given that Zynga Poker makes up 61% of Zynga’s overall revenue, you can’t blame the brand for being worried.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of all social poker if Zynga gets wiped off the map. In its report, SuperData discusses how current trends suggest that the World Series of Poker app will overtake Zynga Poker in terms of revenue and player numbers on mobile by the end of 2015. WSOP has had almost the opposite fortunes of Zynga, and has in fact seen its player numbers double in 2014.

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