Full Tilt Merging Into PokerStars Poker Platform

Full Tilt PokerStars Merger HatsFull Tilt will be merging with PokerStars, the company which owns both brands has announced. Amaya has taken this step to focus all energies on one poker product, despite Full Tilt still being profitable and launching new tournaments. We got all the latest scoop and will look into what this means for both Full Tilt and PokerStars players.

Just last week, we brought you the news about the full schedule released for Full Tilt’s upcoming FTOPS XXIX. We noticed it had smaller guarantees and it has been widely publicized that the traffic at this poker site was shrinking. Yet, no one could’ve expected the sudden merger that was just announced.


Migrating Players to PokerStars

Well, not exactly a full-blown merger, but a slow (and most likely) painful assimilation of the Full Tilt brand will take place, much to the dismay of its loyal customers. So what will specifically happen? As of April 1, Full Tilt will be merged onto PokerStars’ gaming platform but it will retain its separate identity.

PokerStars logo on black backgroundIn the press release, Amaya explained: “This platform migration will allow Amaya’s development and technology teams to focus on improving one market-leading platform rather than two, leading to a better gaming experience for all; improvements and features will be delivered faster and more efficiently rather than doubling development requirements.”

What this will mean is that instead of Amaya dedicating resources to developing both sites, only one technology and development team will be required. So, there won’t be Full Tilt’s Sit & Gos and PokerStars’ Spin & Gos anymore, as they will assimilate into one product.

This means that the two brands will have the same liquidity, accounts and VIP programme, but will stay as two separate entities. For now anyway. All of the Full Tilt accounts will be merged into PokerStars, which means that if someone on PokerStars already has a username exactly like yours, they will get to keep it and you’ll need to get yourself a new one. Plus, the VIP progress on Full Tilt will be converted and applied to the controversial PokerStars’ VIP scheme.


How Will This Move Impact Players

While not many will welcome the shared player pool, especially PokerStars’ players, Full Tilt has been losing money so it is only logical that steps would be taken to alleviate that. What Amaya has decided is not totally pulling the plug on Full Tilt, but perhaps letting it die of a slow one, sort of bleeding players and cash out till there is nothing left.

Amaya Gaming logoBut until then, original Full Tilt players can still enjoy the brand that was once the most popular poker site out there. All of the Full Tilt avatars and game promotions, including but not limited to the popular Deal, will remain available. Furthermore, table layouts, special tourneys and Rush Poker will also stay available to players.

The move has been long-time coming and another measure to cut operating costs by Amaya, as it will now have just one main brand to take care of as opposed to developing, supporting and running PokerStars and Full Tilt separately of each other. Meanwhile, the players will enjoy the increased prize pools, the better gaming experience, but at the same time will have to compete with many more people for their place under the hypothetical online poker sun.

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