Full Tilt Players Transferred Through to PokerStars Platform

Full Tilt Poker LogoThe day has finally come – all Full Tilt players have finally been transferred onto the PokerStars platform, and will benefit from an increased number of games, tournaments and larger prize pools. The move comes as no surprise as it was announced back in February. Now that it’s taken place, we take a look at what’s left of Full Tilt. 

As of May 18, Full Tilt and PokerStars have been sharing their liquidity, which in effect makes them a single network. Although this merger was announced in February to be completed by April 1st, it’s only just taken place this week. Let’s look at what the pooling entailed and how it will affect players of both networks going forward.


Pooling The Two Networks

Full Tilt has been assimilated into the award-winning PokerStars platform and the players of both networks will not be combined under the PokerStars umbrella brand. More games, more tournaments and ever-bigger prize pools will now be available to Full Tilt players, yet the unique brand of the much smaller and more ‘cozy’ network will be retained.

Full Tilt PokerStars Merger HatsEssentially, the players use PokerStars software, which is branded as ‘Full Tilt,’ but the branding is purely cosmetic. The old Full Tilt games are gone too, and all the offerings are the same as on PokerStars. And even though you can locate Rush poker, it’s purely a skin of PokerStars’ Zoom Poker variant. That said, Full Tilt avatars, The Deal and Full Tilt casino games all remain available.

From now on, players on Full Tilt will be prompted to download the PokerStars software, arguably the best out there in terms of poker software. Full Tilt players should have gotten an email detailing how to get through this massive change, which will depend on their account status and jurisdiction.

Luckily, those players who have had accounts on both Full Tilt and PokerStars will find that the change is indeed pretty seamless – cash and loyalty points will automatically be transferred – while the rest will only need to come up with an account name that hasn’t been taken by a PokerStars player yet.


Easing The Burden On The Players

Whereas the impact on players from both sites is going to be near-negligible. Most notably, there will now be even more competition in games and for tourney prize pools. However, Amaya are celebrating the pooling of the two networks and are trying their best to ease the burden by launching the Jackpot Unchained promotion.

Jackpot Unchained Promotion BannerIt’s actually a bundle of promotions, including The Deal Daily Top Up with $2,000 added to the pot every day for 28 days straight. Eventually The Deal Jackpot Guarantee tourney will take place with $100,000 in guarantees – it could be yours from June 14th.

Furthermore, Weekly Upgrade Freerolls will get a boost and will stand at $10,000 each of the four upcoming Saturdays. And Amaya hasn’t forgotten their casino players either: you can get 50% cashback, $350 Instant Bonus and take part in a giveaway worth $25,000 in prizes.

If you’ve never deposited at PokerStars and are a brand new player, then you’ll also get the added advantage of a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $600 or the free $20 bonus. Jump right in!

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