Full Tilt Poker Approved to be Featured on Steam

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For over a month, Full Tilt was awaiting the verdict on whether it could become the very first online poker brand to be featured on the digital gaming platform called Steam. Today, it’s been announced that the players have spoken loud and clear – they’d love to have Full Tilt on board – so the world-famous poker brand will be live on Steam by the end of 2015, it’s promised. If you aren’t familiar with Steam and have no idea what all of this means, read on to find out what massive changes await the online and mobile poker industry.


As we already said, if you aren’t familiar with Steam, do not fear. So were we until just recently before the wind of Full Tilt trying to get on it caught our news radar. Let’s start with a quick description of Steam and then move on to explore why Full Tilt was so desperate and eager to get onto it.


What is Steam and why is it valuable to online pokies?

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Essentially, Steam is a platform where users can download games, plus lots of other bells and whistles added to the mix too (e.g. social networking, automatic game updates). It strips down and simplifies the process of acquiring video games and makes it really simple indeed – log in, purchase a game, play it.

Steam is huge: it’s got over 125 million users and more than 3,500 games that are available to download. At this point, you may be asking, what does that have to do with Full Tilt. After all, it’s an online poker brand and seems a bit remote from video games, doesn’t it?

Well, for a while now, online poker sites have sought to diversify their incomes among dwindling numbers of European online poker players and have been trying to keep up their income in any way possible. While other poker brands had varying strategies in achieving that, Full Tilt decided to get listed on Steam Greenlight back in October.


Full Tilt’s Greenlight success

Steam Greenlight is a place where game developers showcase their products and hope to get onto the main Steam platform. Players then have to vote for which games get through to Steam and which do not, and it turns out that Full Tilt poker was quite popular among the gamers.

In just more than a month, Full Tilt has passed the Steam Greenlight process after being voted for by thousands and thousands of players, eager to get some poker action. Dominic Mansour, Full Tilt’s managing director said: “We are very grateful for the support we received from the Steam community and our own player base. Our Greenlight success underlines our commitment to bring the game we love to a wider player base, and will help support a number of further initiatives we have planned for the near future.”


Offering free poker to attract paying players

Fishing Lure

Full Tilt have been really clever about this. Although on the surface, it might appear that Steam is nothing more, but a matter of prestige, the reality is that this poker site desperately needs players.

Keeping in mind that for-money gambling is forbidden on Steam, Full Tilt have had to offer up a free to play poker application where players can get more chips via in-game purchasing. Then, they hope that some of those players will become hooked on the game software that Full Tilt provides or become to love the game of poker itself and move onto the real Full Tilt poker brand.

And then, of course, they’d have to make real money deposits on the site and play poker for real money. This, in turn, could help keep Full Tilt afloat and doing better financially. Thus, all in all, getting approved on Steam is a brilliant thing for Full Tilt, who are coming ever closer to blurring the lines between online gaming and playing poker.

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