Full Tilt Poker to Expand Mobile Offering?

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Rational Group LogoBig news has started to filter out of the Full Tilt Poker HQ, as they announce that they are going to be adding casino style games to both their online and mobile poker offerings. This all forms a part of the plan announced by Full Tilt Poker’s owners, Rational Group, alongside the new Blackjack and Roulette tables now found on the Full Tilt Poker online site.

PokerStars Logo 2014But why is this so exciting for mobile poker players though? After all, none of this has anything to do with poker, does it? Well, in reality it will affect Full Tilt Poker mobile players massively, as the app will have loads more stuff on it. The vision of Rational Group is to make Full Tilt Poker an all-singing, all-dancing gambling site, complete with poker and a multitude of casino games. At the same time, they will keep their prized asset, PokerStars, completely dedicated to poker.

This change at Full Tilt Poker means that they will almost certainly have to release a new app to the market, so that they can add the casino games to their selection. Rumours are starting that, when they roll out this app, table games will also be added, which could well include a better selection of poker games. This would mean that Full Tilt Poker no longer only offered Rush Poker to their players, instead having one of the most comprehensive poker offerings found anywhere in the mobile world.

What’s more, while the line-up of casino games hasn’t been announced, it would not be surprising to find at least one form of video poker added to FTP. This would make them one of just a few sites offering both table poker and video poker to their players.

We’ll be keeping our ears open for more information about this potentially exciting new development. So, make sure you keep checking Droid Poker to find out how this story develops.

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