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At Droid Poker, we aim to bring you all the latest news from throughout the world of mobile poker. We scour the mobile poker sites to make sure we always have our finger on the pulse, so that you get news before anyone else. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a story about a new game, or great news about a new promotion – they will all be reported right here. So, make sure you keep checking back as often as you can!

What sort of news stories will we be bringing you though? Well, for starters we’ll be telling you all about the new games being introduced on different sites, ranging from a new video poker game on mFortune through to a new table game on sites like PKR or Pokerstars. We won’t leave it there though – we’ll support these news articles with comprehensive reviews of the new games too, so you know exactly what they are all about.

Technology plays a massive role in mobile poker, so this news section will often have stories about all the major developments in this area. These stories could range from new collaborations between poker sites and developers, through to technological advances that make mobile poker even better than it is currently.

We’ll also let you know about the biggest and best Winner Poker Logo from the different sites, such as new welcome bonuses or a promotion with a spectacular prize. After all, some of these bonuses are time sensitive, so you need to know about them as soon as possible. In addition to this, we’ll add all new bonuses to our comprehensive bonus guide page too.

Finally, we’ll tell you about the most recent big winners across the world of mobile poker. Of course, you don’t have to know about these to improve your gaming experience, but a bit of inspiration is always a good thing! It isn’t just mobile poker we’ll report on either: if there’s a big story from live tournaments or online poker, it’ll appear right here on Droid Poker too.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to read every single news article though, as we are going to write a weekly summary of the important news stories too. That way, you’ll be able to get your fix of poker news in one bite-sized chunk.

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