Jackpot Poker Mobile App From PokerStars Now Online

PokerStars Jackpot Poker App LogoIn a bid to lure in more casual poker players, PokerStars have created and just released a free poker app called Jackpot Poker. Those who love mobile games and poker will rejoice at the opportunity to play poker on any Android and iOS device, wherever they are. Undoubtedly, this move by PokerStars is to get the Jackpot Poker app users to one day visit the  PokerStars site and play for cash. Is this app any good? We took and look and are ready to report back to you! 

Although we are in the business of writing about online and mobile real-money poker, every once in a while, an exciting bit of news about for-fun poker comes by. For example, a couple of weeks ago Full Tilt was approved to be featured on Steam, a digital gaming platform, which was also a move towards obtaining new poker players. So despite Jackpot Poker being a for-fun app only, it peaked out interested because it’s based on the famous Spin & Go tournaments – meaning it’s fast-paced and profitable too.


What’s The Jackpot Poker App Like?

Well, as we said, the game is for those who enjoy quick gameplay of Spin & Go tournaments. For those who are not in the know about them, it’s pretty simple: only after you sit down at a table and the first card is dealt will you find out about the final prize pool, giving you a feeling of suspense and excitement. The minimum prize pool is guaranteed, but you can easily get anywhere up to 3,000 times the original value.

Jackpot Poker Promo BannerIn a nutshell, these tourneys can take a pretty small buy-in and make it into a huge winning sum in just a few minutes time. We think that’s exactly why the Spin & Go’s are so popular and PokerStars wish to replicate their massive success and translate it into an app. So, they’ve gone and developed an app, of course.In Jackpot Poker, there will be a lot of opportunities to go for all of nothing and even “winner takes all” type of structure, all of which clearly resembles the Spin & Go format.

Since the new app is geared towards casual players on mobile devices (you can find the app on Google Play, the App Store and Facebook too), the graphics are big, bold and beautiful, the controls aren’t fiddly at all (which will spare you so much misery, trust us), plus you get free chips awarded to you every day so you can keep on playing. In fact, Jackpot Poker offers a really great gaming experience, which is little surprise, because PokerStars is, after all, the biggest player in online and mobile poker.

If you still need more convincing, just check out the official video and keep in mind that if you’re on the look-out for the best social poker gaming app out there, you really can’t do better than Jackpot Poker as it has the most poker tables available than any other mobile app and allows you to play against 50,000 gamers at any time.


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