mFortune Claim Their Poker is Best for Socialising

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Why do you play poker on your mobile? The chances are, the first thing you’ll say is “to win money”. Well, according to mFortune, this isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to their site. This is because they’ve recently issued a press release stating that their poker offering is players’ “first point of call when it comes to socialising on the website.”

While other mobile poker sites, such as PokerStars and Bwin, would not be over the moon to find that their tables are being used for a chinwag, and not for serious gaming, mFortune seems to be very happy with this finding. But why is this? The answer is simple: they believe that cultivating a sense of community on the website is vital to them, as they look to further increase their share in the poker market.

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It is often the case that players will head to a poker room, lose a few quid, and then skulk off, annoyed that they haven’t hit their profit goals. The key is keeping them there, so that they can ride through their bad mood and come out from the other side, ready to play more and more hands of their favourite game. By offering a community to players, mFortune has been very canny – they make sure players don’t sign out, as they’ll be engaged in conversations with others that they simply don’t want to leave.

What’s more, mFortune cite their “Refer a Friend” scheme as another reason why they see themselves as an incredibly social site. This scheme allows existing players to earn money every time they get someone else to join the site and make a deposit – meaning that groups of friends can chat away while spending money at the poker table.

To find out more about why mFortune are telling everyone how much fun poker is on their site, why not give them a go today? Sure, they aren’t for the “serious” poker player, but they are perfect for those looking to have some fun and make some new friends along the way.

To read the full press release from mFortune, please click here.

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