Millionaire Making Game Caught on Live Stream

PokerStars $1,000,000 win

It’s not very often you get a player becoming a millionaire playing poker online. It’s even less often you get a player becoming a millionaire while playing on their mobile. An even greater rarity still is when the whole thing is caught on camera! Well, that’s exactly what happened this week at PokerStars, where a lucky Polish player had his glory recorded by a live streamer!

The Win

PokerStars players will probably be aware that the site is currently holding a promotion called ‘PokerStars Makes Millionaires’, which is – evidently – living up to its name. At the end of last month, the first millionaire of the promotion was made when “CccpVodka” (who, as you might guess from his name, is a Russian player), landed a cool $1,000,000. But there are two unexciting things about this: 1. he was playing on the desktop version of the site, and 2. no one bothered filming it.

It wasn’t until Poland’s ‘bladsonpoker’ came along with a meagre $5 deposit, that both these requirements were fulfilled. The lucky Pole was able to fend of the competition to land himself the title of the 24th player to become a millionaire at the site.

The Proof

While I’m sure we would have heard about this story anyway, what makes it even more amazing is that poker blogger Jamie Staples was on hand to live stream the last minutes of the game on Twitch. You’ve probably heard of Twitch by now, so I won’t patronise you by going over it again, but I’ll let you in on knowing that Jamie’s commentary definitely made those closing moments of the game a whole lot more exciting.

Check out the video below:

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