Introduction to the 2014 New Games Section

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Games are at the core of every single mobile poker site – after all, if there weren’t any games, there would be no chances to win any money! That’s why we think you deserve to know about every single new poker game out there. We’ll tell you where to find them, any Winner Poker Logo associated with them and also give you a brief overview of what we think – although we’ll also write a full review of the game too, which you can read at your leisure.

Perhaps the largest part of this news section is the release of new video poker games, as these are the games released most often by casino-style mobile poker sites. These can have massive jackpots – and we’ll let you know if they do – plus some players will be given free credits if they get there fast enough. This is why it’s important for you to know about new mobile poker games as quickly as possible, and no other site will bring you this news more rapidly!

New table games aren’t as common as new video poker games, but when they do come around, they are huge news! Do you remember when the different forms of speed poker were first released? Or how about when instant fold tables started to become widespread? These are the important developments that change the face of mobile poker, and we’ll be there to report on any future game-changers in the industry. We’ll also let you know if any mobile poker sites introduce a new form of poker to their mobile offering, aside from the standard Hold ‘Em — we might even move the site in question further up our list of the Top 10 Mobile Poker Sites.

If you want to know everything about new games in the mobile poker world, there’s only one place to visit –!


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