New Mobile App Duel By PokerStars – Social & Competitive

Duel App on PokerStars

With recreational online and mobile poker players in mind, PokerStars have launched an exciting new product. Called Duel, a mobile app will allow you to play heads-up poker against any opponent anywhere in the world. If you desperately want to check it out, we’re afraid you’ll have to wait for the global roll-out as the app was introduced in Norway only, but PokerStars are promising to have it available soon. Now, the only question that remains is: will the casual players be interested? 

PokerStars have been trying to reinvent online and mobile poker gambling for a number of years now, bringing new innovations and changes that are sometimes not very welcome. Just cast your mind back to the changes in the VIP system that prompted high rolling players to even go on a strike. It’s been turbulent, but PokerStars are highly positive about this new product Duel that they think will play straight into the minds, and hands, of casual mobile poker players.

What’s Duel And How Does It Work?

Duel App by PokerStars GameplayHave you always dreamed of playing poker against your friend on your mobile? Now, you’ll be able to do just that with the new Duel app by PokerStars. Let us just say that this definitely isn’t a rehash of the usual PokerStars tables.

On the contrary, it’s a brand new, innovative game in which poker players go head-to-head and play a pre-set number of hands at the same time. You might recognise the format to be based on No Limit Texas Hold’Em, but with more time to make your decisions.

So instead of having just seconds, you can play Duel and fit it nicely around your daily schedule – work, chores, family, pets and so on. There is a time bank that you should keep in mind though and if it expires and you still have un-played hands, then they will automatically be folded or checked down.

In Duel, multiple hands are all dealt at one time so you can decide on each of them in one go or at a later time. Yet, the hands will play out at the same time and when they’re all completed, the player with the largest total number of chips will win.

The Beginning of Ultra-Social Poker Gaming

Social Media Icons on Mobile ScreenAs you can imagine, Duel is designed to make online and mobile poker much more social than it is now. While playing Duel on any mobile device, be it iOS or Android, you will be able to throw the hypothetical glove at your friends, challenging them on social networks by sharing a link. The happy winners and the sore losers can also be announced via social media so you can rake in the likes for great performance.

Quite clearly, this is a further bid by PokerStars to reinvent the game of online and mobile poker, to make it more appealing to the casual and the non-professional players. That, in turn, could up their revenue that hasn’t been rising as steeply as Amaya had hoped.

In sum, Duel is the product the group hopes will attract young players and poker newbies to their tables. Plus, they will be able to engage socially by playing on Duel and do so on their own time, as opposed to having strict time constraints. Who knows, maybe Duel will become yet another app that you check regularly, alongside your Facebook feed, news pushes and other social games?

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