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2nd October saw the launch of PokerStars’s new game format; a super-fast paced game called ‘Spin & Go’. The new format – which canny linguists may have already noticed shares the same name structure as ‘Sit & Go’ – is being touted as a “hyper-turbo Sit & Go tournament”, and shares many of the same hallmarks as the game format we’ve been playing for years now. However, with the ease of access, increased speed of play, and opportunity to make a fortune in a very few minutes, the new Spin & Go may be what mobile poker has been looking for to give it the real edge on desktop based play.

How it Works

Have you played a Sit & Go at a poker site before? Well, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this will entail, but this is just faster. The tournament consists of 500 chips, 3 minute rounds in games which can be either $1, $3, $7, $15 or $30, depending on the level on which you want to play.

It only takes three players to register for the game before it begins, and when it does, numbers will spin on the screen (you see how the ‘Spin’ bit of the title makes sense now?) and then stop to reveal what the prize pool for that game will be. While the prize pool might see you only doubling your buy-in if you win, there is also the possibility that you’ll enjoy up to 1000x what you put down. With possible multipliers being 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, 25x, 100x, 200x, and 1000x, there’s certainly a lottery element that makes this game perhaps more for fun than those looking to strategise wins.

Playing in the top three tiers of buy-ins ($7, $15 and $30) has an extra treat in store, as players who come second and third place in the tournament will also receive 10% of the prize pool if the highest jackpot is up for grabs for first place.

The Two Big Reasons You’ll Want To Play

Spin and Go at Pokerstars

1. Small Buy-in, Big Cash

The lottery style buy-in structure means that any given player will only ever have a vague idea of how much will be up for grabs in the prize pool prior to buying in. Some of you reading this might see that as annoying, and prefer knowing exactly what you’re expecting to make before you commit to a game; others of you will realise that (depending on your buy-in level) you could make an absolute fortune – of up to $30,000 – from a relatively small buy-in.

In some instances, you may only have to put down a small amount, beat two opponents, and walk away with thousands of dollars. If you’re a player who likes a little more variety and spontaneity in their play (which come on, aren’t we all?) then this might be the game for you.

2. Perfect for Mobile

Now we get to the real guts of the matter – these Spin & Go games were clearly made with an eye very firmly pointing towards mobile players. For too long has it been more convenient to play certain game formats on desktop computers, not least because of the lengths of time that some games can drag on for. With games lasting as little as 3 minutes each,

PokerStars knows that its players are more and more moving onto mobile devices, which is why they’ve ensured that Spin & Gos are perfectly optimised for mobile play, meaning you can play against people anywhere in the world from… anywhere in the world. The Spin & Go format is perfect for people on the move, or when you have just a few minutes and want to get a game or two in. I envision Spin & Go games becoming hugely popular with mobile players very quickly.

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