Party Poker Launches Fast Forward Special Edition App

Party Poker Fast Forward App

As if the plethora of online and mobile game variants weren’t enough, there’s a new way to play Fast Forward Poker on your mobile at Party Poker. The Fast Forward – Special Edition App is being sold as offering one of the most authentic playing experiences you can have on your mobile. The Special Edition App is available now on both iOS and Android, and can playable directly from your phone’s browser without losing any of its functionality.

What makes it ‘Special’?

The big selling point behind the new Fast Forward app is the ‘swipe-based’ controls and interface. Basically, rather than tapping to select actions, Party Poker has made it so that you can swipe in actions similar to those you’d make during a real life game to convey your intentions to the game.

In this way, once you’ve been dealt your cards, you can swipe forward to fold (like pushing your cards forward on the casino table); swipe left or right on the chips to bet or call, respectively; swipe up in the chips to go all in (again, like pushing them to the centre of the table); or tap on the table twice to check. In essence, if you’re familiar with the real life actions of poker, you’ll be able to play this game with minimal issues.

Speedy Poker

Party Poker LogoThe realignment of the screen so that you play in portrait mode is another way in which Party Poker reckons you’ll be able to play faster. You thumbs are (theoretically) better placed to make a series of simpler movements. Add on top of this quick seating options, and you’ve got pretty lightning fast poker in your hands.

However speed isn’t everything – it’s not just Fast Forward Poker that’s available on the Special Edition App; you’ll be happy to hear that there are also No Limit Holdem cash games available, as well as Sit and Go Tournaments.

What else?

Although the Special Edition App can be found in the App Store and the Google Play, you can also choose to simply play it directly from your phone’s browser. Unlike many poker apps, playing it in your browser will give you exactly the same playing experience as a download, without skimping on any of the features in the game.

You can download the app or play it through your browser in the following countries: United Kingdom; Canada; Austria; Sweden; and Ireland.

Head to Party Poker now to try out the new app.

Party Poker elsewhere on Droid Poker

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