TonyBet Introduces Progressive Pineapple & Promises More Promotions

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TonyBet – the poker site fames for its commitment to only offering Open-Faced Chinese Poker games – today launched a brand new variant of the game, which it’s calling ‘Progressive Pinapple’. The launch comes just weeks after the site launched another game OFC Pineapple 2-7, and is part of the site’s drive to diversify its offering.

About Progressive Pineapple

Players who are familiar with Open-Faced Chinese Poker – especially the Pinapple game featured at TonyBet – won’t see too many differences when they start playing Progressive Pineapple. The main new feature in the new game to contend with is the fact that players who make it to Fantasy Land will land more cards than those who don’t. You can advance to Fantasy Land by holding a higher top card combination than your opponents.

All this means is that the stronger your hand, the more cards you’re likely to collect. Usually, in OFC Pinapple, you’re going to receive 14 cards when they’re dealt, but with Progressive Pinapple, you’ll pick up 17 cards. The advantage this will give you if you’re on the receiving end is obvious, but an even bigger thrill is coming back from behind when you don’t get dealt the big hand.

TonyBet Progressive Pineapple Launch TonyBet reportedly decided to introduce the game to its online and mobile offering after seeing the popularity of the game in brick and mortar casinos. The extra level of both skill and luck required is a huge pull for many players. The limits on the game are pretty low at the moment as players wean themselves onto it, but will increase in the future.

Expanding options

Progressive Pinapple is the second OFC Poker variant TonyBet has released this month, having brought out OFC Pineapple 2-7 at the beginning of February. The site is understandably proud of this achievement – glad to be able to offer players as many different ways of playing as possible – but owes much of its success to the flexibility of the Open-Faced game. In the announcement of the new game, it spoke of OFC’s unique characteristics which allow operators to add new variations to enhance the game.

More to come

TonyBet has already revealed that we won’t be seeing the last of the new games for the coming months, and that it will be augmenting the new releases with attractive promotions. With an intention to repeat the success of last year’s OFC poker series – The Open-Hand Chinese Poker Opener – the site has promised that it will be putting at least €30,000 for the competition. All this on top of the promise of more OFC variants in the near future certainly makes TonyBet one to watch.

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