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In the world of mobile gaming, choice is everything. Players who feel they are being given many options are players which are going to remain loyal, so it pays to make sure you’re the people offering the most games and software choices. This is why  Microgaming recently announced that poker software developer SBOBet would be featured on MPN.

SBOBet Software

You may never have heard of SBOBet, but it’s actually one of the world’s biggest bookies. Similarly to William Hill and 888, SBOBet has a varied portfolio which includes poker and many other forms of gambling. While in the past, it relied on MPN software for its poker needs, it has now developed its own software and is repaying the favour.

Its new software is available for download and instant play on its site, but will also be made available to all the other sites on the MPN.

What’s MPN?

Confusingly, MPN doesn’t officially stand for anything. Unofficially, however, it stands for the name the same product used to go by: Microgaming Poker Network. Microgaming – being one of the oldest and wisest players in the online and mobile gaming industry – recognised the virtues of bringing together software from various developers in unified networks much earlier than anyone else.

MPN features poker games from six brands (well, seven now, if you include SBOBet, but I’ll get to them later), which means that players who log on to one of the 30 poker sites throughout the web to play on the MPN will get unparalleled access to a plethora of game variants, table sizes, room themes, payment options and much more.

What’s more, MPN ensures that every developer that is featured on its network builds its games using the very latest HTML5 technology. This means that whichever game you choose to play, you know that you’ll be able to load and enjoy it on any device of your choosing!

What’s more, because you can play on the network from various sites, there’s even a choice on the kind of relationship you have with your operator. You can access the MPN through sites such as BetSafe, Betway and Betsson (plus many others that don’t have ‘bet’ in their title 😉 )

MPN and Microgaming elsewhere on Droid Poker

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