Zynga Launches Zynga Poker for Windows Phones

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It’s not often you hear a big fuss being made about a launch on Windows Phones – with the industry being more geared towards focussing on Android and iOS products – but that’s exactly what’s happened this week, with the launch of Zynga Poker on Windows Phones being the key story in social gaming this week.

In a similar deal as with the recent launch of Poker Stars PLAY, Zynga Poker for Windows is a social gaming app that has been fostered on desktop and has made its way to mobile with tried and tested features ready for a brand new audience. Soft-launching in a number of regions leading up to the full release has meant that all the kinks with the mobile version of the app have (or should have) been ironed out.

Despite only offering Texas Hold ‘Em versions of poker, Zynga hopes that a variety of different tables, along with the ability to connect with friends as well as just strangers, will help convince players that Zynga Poker has an edge over its competitors.


  • State of the art graphics and animations
  • Intuitive betting and navigation controls
  • Updated lobby improved for mobile
  • Daily free chip competitions
  • Ability to switch between mobile and desktop all on the same account
  • Casual or competitive play
  • Real world rewards during special events

On Social Gaming

It feels like social poker is all we’re talking about at the moment. The past week alone has seen the launch of Poker Stars’ social gaming app Poker Stars PLAY on mobile, as well as the publication of data that showed the unprecedented success of the social arm of Crazy Panda’s mobile and online operation.

It all begs the questions of why there is such an appetite for social poker, whether there is significant crossover in the players who play real money versus those who play social poker, and if those players are looking for the same style of game.

Social poker not only has a big share of players of online and mobile poker, it has the biggest share! There are different theories about why people opt for social poker – even when they’re paying real money for chips as part of in-app purchases and know they’ll never see the money again.

Lots of people point to the idea that by sticking social poker, people keep the fun involved in the game, and cutting out the element of tilt, that could see people becoming frustrated with the game. Others suggest that people are still out for rewards – after all, most social poker apps and sites offer non-monetary rewards for player, often even if they’re not a top player. Finally, people point out that social poker is exactly that – social; doing away with the hard-nosed animosity of the real money rooms, and bringing a friendly and social atmosphere back into poker. People usually learn poker from long nights with a group of friends, perhaps that’s exactly what they’re looking for online.

Whatever the reasons for people getting involved, there’s no doubt that Zynga is hoping to get a slice of the action in an industry worth over $2 billion each year. You can get Zynga Poker on your Windows Phone now.

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