888 Poker Traffic Surges, Site Celebrates with Gift Shower Promotion

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Yesterday saw two announcements from 888 Poker. The firsts was good news mainly for 888, as it seemed the site’s luck had turned around, and its traffic was on the increase after a considerable lull. The second – which you can see in some ways as a celebration of the first – is good news for players, as 888 announced a promotion which will see gifts worth over $1,000,000 showered on players over the next two months. We’ve got the lowdown on both pieces of news.

Traffic Surge

Now, although the player figures 888 is reporting for November represent a 9 month high, it’s a little bit of a misnomer to call it a boost in traffic. It’s more accurate to describe the increase in traffic as a return to normal, after the site recently dealt the death blows to technical issues which have dogged 888 Poker for the last month and a half.

At its lowest ebb, 888’s player numbers had dropped by almost 20% from highs in March to a weekly average of only 2,000 cash game seats in the middle of October. The fall can be mainly attributed to bugs which had been blighting games, causing players to have “technical problems” messages displayed at them and tournaments to be disrupted. Obviously, with real money at stake, players chose to steer clear, rather than risk losing out to a technical glitch.

November, however, saw the patching up of issues, and the returning of players. I think it’s testament to the quality of what’s on offer at 888 Poker that players are willing return to the site after such problems; for many sites, these sorts of issues would have been a death toll.

Gift Showers

888 Gift ShowersNow, it’s not officially a celebration of the increased traffic, and the fact that both events were contemporaneous was probably just coincidence, but I like to think that the Gift Showers promotion is a thank you to players for returning to the site after its time in the wilderness.

So what are the Gift Showers, and why should we all be so excited? Well, from now until February 15th 2015, 888 Poker will be showering its players with all kinds of goodies, in all totalling about $1,000,000. On offer for top winners are things like Playstation 4s, GoPros and iPhone 6s, but every player is guaranteed at least one gift throughout the duration of the promotion.

All members of 888 Poker will receive one free ticket to the All-in Gifts Tournaments, which guarantees you a free gift, whether it’s a star prize as a winner, entries into freeroll tournaments, or simply free cash bonuses. Check out the advertisement for the Gift Showers Promotion below for more details on the promotion:

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