888poker Increases Prize Guarantees And Introduces The $1 Million Giveaway

888Poker logoYou’ve read it right: across the entire promotion schedule at 888poker, the stakes are higher than ever before, with guaranteed prize pools increasing by anywhere from 25% to 50%. That’s in addition to a brand new one million dollar giveaway and special mystery gifts being played off, all of which should definitely capture the attention of many poker players. We’ve got all the details on how you can brighten up your moody autumn days by scoring it big at 888poker.

We all know of the famous free $88 that you get when you register at 888poker, in addition to the other generous welcome bonus offerings such as the 100% bonus cash of up to $400. But this time, this second largest poker site in the world is really upping the ante by raising their guaranteed prize pools right across the board of all the available promotions, in addition to the Unexpected Giveaway with a million bucks guaranteed. Say what!

Pleasing Changes In the Schedule

Let’s chat about the increased prize pools first. From daily promotions to mini-tournaments, the overall prize pool has increased massively. For starters,many tournaments received a healthy increase in their prize money, e.g. the Volcano on Tuesday’s will now be double at $100,000 instead of $50,000 and the Crocodile will be larger by $5,000 and will come in at $30,000.

What’s more is that the Turbo Mega Deep was increased by 10k to $50,000 last week, but will get another raise like that and $60,000 in total will be played off this week. Plus, the Mega Deep of $100,000 was raised to $120,000 last week, but will unexpectedly rise to a cool $150,000 this coming Sunday. Similarly, the Breeze on Sunday is geting a lofty lift and is elevated to a much higher level – $30,000 (as opposed to just $20,000 last week) will drop into the players’ pockets this weekend!

888poker Doubles Sunday Challenge Prize

However, we think that the most noticable and appreciate change will be the special Sunday Challenge offer. It used to be that players at 888poker spent their Sunday’s trying to win the heavily advertised $50,000, but there will be even more incentive now to sit down at that poker table every Sunday afternoon. That’s because the prize money was doubled and is now $100,000 – who would voluntarily miss out on that?!

 A $1,000,000 Spending Spree

888poker Unexpected Giveaway Promotion BannerYup, 888poker are having a huge spending spree, which started a couple of days ago and is set to run until the 1st of November. Called the Unexpected Giveaway, this tournament-based promo rounds of the new and much more lucrative regular promotion schedule.

The Unexpected Giveaway will ensure 888poker players get $1 million in various prizes and even in cash. We can’t be much more specific because it is an unexpected giveaway after all, but from what we know, there will be half a million in tournament cash, over quarter of a million in bonuses, $75,000 in goodies and much more.

The good news is that it’s free to enterand every exsting player should’ve already received their free three tickets in their email inbox. The tournaments are held each day and you can not only get additional tickets but also some extra cash of completing daily missions. The missions are quite easy and fun, e.g. playing 40 raked hands or betting $30 or more, so it’s easy to get the bonus cash off their hands.

We’ll leave you with a crafty video of the Unexpected Giveaway, but make sure to check out the generously improved regular promo schedule too!

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