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Battle of bet365 Poker

Free entry, and £100,000 up for grabs; if you’re not getting involved with the Battle of bet365 Poker over the next month, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. All players are eligible to take part in the freeroll games taking place every day between now and the 4th of November, and with such a huge prize pot and so many opportunities to take part, there’s no doubt many players will be getting involved.

What are the Freeroll Battles?

Every single day for the next month, bet365 Poker is giving players the opportunity to take part in Freeroll Battle, each of which will have in store a guaranteed £2,000 prize for its winner. The tournaments take place at 7.30PM GMT, and will be a bitterly fought contest between the best players at bet365 Poker.

If you want to aim a little higher than the daily £2,000 prize, you can take part in the weekly Freeroll Battles for £10,000. Obviously, these will be more difficult tournaments, but it would be worth it for the extra cash, right?

In total, there’s £100,000 worth of guaranteed prizes to be had, so plenty to go round.

bet365 Poker LogoHow to get involved

You need to earn your seat at the freeroll tables, and you do so by completing your choice of challenges (before 3PM on the day of your chosen tournament). Challenges include entering a scheduled tournament; earning 10 coins on a cash table; buy-in to a Sit & Go; or staking £5 or more on slots in the poker lobby.

You’ll need to complete one of these challenges to gain access to the daily freerolls, but you’ll need to complete 10 to be able to join the weekly ones. Like I alluded to before, you’re going to have to put in an awful lot of time and effort if you hope to have a shot at the £10,000 games.

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