Best Promotions This February – Full Tilt, PKR, PartyPoker and Winner

Four great promotions at four of the top poker sites on the web – what more could you as for? February is the most characterless of months; existing in a nowhere world between the two faced January and Spring bringing March. That’s why we need to inject a little more colour and excitement into the month, which is exactly why Winner, PKR, Full Tilt and Party Poker have each got colourful and exciting promotions for us to get involved with this month.

Winner Poker

Winner Poker LogoEveryone’s a winner at Winner Poker, where every player who wagers £25 on any of the casino games in the poker lobby will be entered into a draw. The prize is entry into an exclusive freeroll, where they stand to make up to £500 in guaranteed cash prizes. £1,500 is on offer in total, and while the overall winner will take home the £500, the other top players in the freeroll will share the extra grand among themselves.

You have the chance to enter this promotion ever week through February, will tournaments being held every Monday at 19.00 GMT. If you managed to finish in the tournament, even if you don’t win, you’ll still get your money doubled for your troubles.

Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker LogoThe Cash Knockout promotion at Full Tilt starts tomorrow (Friday 6th February) so you had better opt in right now to make sure you don’t miss out. Why would you want to opt in, I hear you ask. Well, quite simply because Full Tilt has a kitty filled to the brim with $60,000, and you could put yourself in the position to win it.

It’s going to be a pretty brutal contest, where you win points for every individual player you knock out of the game while playing Pot Limit Omaha and/or No Limit Hold’em. You have until Sunday 15th February to amass those points and climb your way up the leaderboard. There’s three tiers on the leaderboards, and the highest offers its winner a hefty $2,000 prize for knocking out the most players, so it really is paying to be a little ruthless.


PKR LogoShe’s a perfect 10, but she wears a 12, baby keep a little 2 for me. Not into The Beautiful South? Well maybe you’ll be into the Perfect Ten promotion from PKR. The ten it’s referring to is the $10,000 on offer and, some of which you’ll win if you’re dealt 10-10, regardless of whether you win, lose or chop. The promotion has been running since last, and has already paid out £1,590, but won’t stop until all of the ten grand has gone.

To get your mitts on some of the cash you need to head to PRK and play Hold’em ring games. If in one of your first 10 hands of the day you’re dealt a 10-10, you’ll win $10; if you’re dealt 10-10 twice in your first 10 hands, you’ll get $100; and if you’re dealt 10-10 three times in your 10 hands, you’ll receive a whopping $1,000! That’s all for simply being dealt a hand.


Party Poker logoFinally we turn to PartyPoker, and an apology from me to the month of February. There is one very defining feature of the month: Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the holiday of love, (just like for Halloween) PartyPoker is offering players the chance to take part in special missions with a bizarre kind of relationship theme With $50 on offer to anyone who completes all 5, it might not be the most lucrative offer ever, but it’s pretty handy.

From getting dealt KhJh on fastfoward to losing with AA, there are some missions more achieveable than others. You’ll get a tidy $5 for each you do manage to complete, so you don’t need to worry about getting them all. You have until Valentine’s Day to complete them, so you’d better stop romancing the apple of your eye and get on with playing mobile poker.

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