Click & Play Promotion at Party Poker is Offering Huge Prizes

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It’s been almost exactly three months since I got really excited about a promotion at Party Poker, and that was way back at Halloween when the site was running its special spooky Missions. Just when I was writing Party Poker off as lacking excitement, I spotted that it is running a brand new promotion. The new Click & Go promotion offers you the chance to win spectacular surprise prizes and free entry into huge tournaments, and best of all, the only thing you need to do to win is to keep playing at your favourite tables on at your favourite casino games.

Click & Play

Now, let me address any concerns you might have about the name of this promotion sounding suspiciously like the ill received Spin & Go games at PokerStars. Far from being a new game type, Click & Go is simply a free and friendly bonus you can benefit from by simply opting in.

What You Win

On offer in this brand new promotion is a guaranteed weekly prize which could be a small poker bonus, it could be a big poker bonus, or a huge poker bonus. If you’re really lucky, you’ll rock up to collect your prize on a given Sunday only to find that you’ve been awarded entry into that week’s Sunday $200K (£130K) Gtd. Of course you’re not guaranteed a win in the tournament, but a shot at a share of $200K is better than a £10 bonus any day of the week in my books. There are only 10 free seats available each week, so you’d better be sure to enter every week to increase your chances.Party Poker Logo

How To Win

As with all the best kinds of promotions, you don’t have to go very far out of your way to benefit from the Click & Play promo. The clue to how to enter is pretty much in the name; all you need to do is head to the promotion page, click to opt in and then start playing.

Every player who opts in to the promotion spends Monday through Saturday trying to amass points. In order to get your prize on the Sunday each week, you actually only need to collect 5 points – which really isn’t very many in the grand scheme of things. You can earn your points by playing any normal poker games at Party Poker, or by enjoying any of the casino games on offer at the site. You can track your progress towards the target 5 points through the week, but I doubt that you’ll want to just stop playing when you reach it.

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