Mobile Poker in 2014: The Big Fat Review of the Year

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In online and mobile poker – an industry which is nothing if not crowded with competitors – Party Poker has enjoyed quite a bit of success separating itself from the field with its ‘Missions’. On top of the enjoyment of regular play, Missions allow players to gather extra bonuses by completing various tasks while playing at tables. It’s basically a unique loyalty scheme which rewards playing hands and getting different card combinations, requiring not an inconsiderable amount of time at tables. Its Missions are one of the reasons Party Poker is one of our top 10 UK poker sites. This month, there’s a special set of Mission objectives on offer as part of Party Poker’s Flip Flop Festival, and if you complete them, you could receive up to $100, simply for playing regularly!

So hopefully that mention of what is effectively a free $100 got your attention, but I’m sure what you want to know is how you’re able to get your hands on it. Well, I’ll start off by painting out that you only have until the 26th of October (a little over 2 weeks from today), so you’re going to have to get going if you want that free cash.

The Mission is broken into three levels – Easy, Medium and Hard – each of which has different requirement and different rewards, and all of which must be played at casual cash game tables to be counted. Before you start, you must opt into the Mission on your Missions page before you start, otherwise your work will all be for nothing!

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So, what do each of the difficulty levels ask of you, and what will your rewards be?


The simplest way to get a reward from the Flip Flop Festival is to complete the Easy level. This is done by playing and seeing 60 flops on the casual game tables. While this sounds pretty easy, your reward will only be $10, so it’s worth aiming higher if you ask me. This level is for those with little time on their hands, or just starting out with mobile poker.


This one is for those who are a little more than a casual player. This time round you’re expected to play and see 300 flops on casual cash game tables, and for your troubles you’ll make $25… still a way to go to the top prize, but worth having, especially if you’re going to have been playing anyway.


Hard by name, hard by nature. You’re really going to have to set some time aside for this one, as you’re required to play and see 1200 flops on casual cash game tables. It’s only by doing this that you’ll receive the top reward of $100. This level is definitely for serious players willing to put in the leg work.

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