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It’s time to get super-excited, because Full Tilt have just announced the schedule for the Full Tilt Classic! Featuring 20 events that will take place during ten days (September 11th-20th), the poker giant will give away a guaranteed $270k in the main and the 40 side events. Although this event isn’t of such a grand scale as the World Championship of Online Poker 2015 (WCOOP) at Full Tilt’s sister site PokerStars, it is an entertaining event nonetheless. If anything, the Full Tilt Classic Main Event, where the guaranteed prize is a hefty $75,000, is definitely worth the attention.

Over the duration of ten days, starting in a exactly a week, the Full Tilt Classic has got a very decent prize pool, so we are excited to share the details of this event with you. First of all, there will be 20 events of nearly every variant of poker, with two running each day at 5:30PM and 7:30PM sharp. The Sunday events will begin a bit earlier, but you can still have a lie in because they start at 4:30PM ad 6:30PM respectively. In addition to the main events, there will be 40 side events with differing buy-ins (from $2.50 to $100) and payouts. Full Tilt Poker Logo

Second, everyone will be interested to know what the buy-ins are and you’ll be glad to learn that this is certainly not a super high-roller event. With buy-ins starting as low as $10, literally everyone (unless you’re penniless) can get some poker action. Of course, the buy-ins run up to $100, so there is some healthy variation in the main events.

Furthermore, there are various satellites running at various times today (September 3), so you can give it a shot and participate in the main events even for less than the buy-in prices. But if you prefer to play totally for free, then you are in luck because Full Tilt will have freerolls two times a day, giving away tickets for players for the upcoming Classic events.

Third, and perhaps most important, are the payouts. Prize guarantees differ per event and range from $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 to $10,000. Again, you can see that the world-famous poker players and the high rollers will probably be more interested in the renowned WCOOP 2015 at PokerStars, whilst the Full Tilt Classic is meant more for the casual player, who’d still be super-happy to walk away with 10k in his or her pocket. Who wouldn’t?

Play Now Red ButtonLast, Full Tilt not only will run the Classic events, but also will give away an additional $3,000 in the Classic Leaderboard. Every time you play a Classic Side Event, you’ll receive two leaderboard points and the points you receive for Classic events will depend on which position you reach in the game. At the end of the tournament, everyone in the top 100 will walk away with some bonus cash. Although it’s not much (max $50), it’s still nice and might awaken the competitive beast inside of you to climb up that leaderboard and have fun along with your fellow players.

Next to the Full Tilt Classic, the Full Tilt Classic Chip Series will be running for those who prefer to play with play money and players can hope to win their share of the 750 million chips and an exclusive avatar. However, if real-money poker is more your thing, don’t forget that you can get the 100% cash match of up to $600 at Full Tilt when you register for an account. And certainly mark the dates for Full Tilt Classic on your mobile calendar!

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