Full Tilt’s FTOPS XXVIII – Where, When and How to Take Part


Full Tilt Poker may not always be the most popular and thrilling poker site out there, but it’s a widely known fact that when it’s Online Poker Series roll round, it becomes the only go to destination on the web. The FTOPS XXVIII series is, as the name suggests, your 18th chance to get involved with the biggest two weeks of poker you’ll find anywhere, which boasts a guaranteed prize fund of $4 million.

What is FTOPS?

Basically, it’s poker, but in overdrive. Over the 15 days of the massive tournament, players will have the chance to take part in 35 separate events with a huge variety of different game styles. The $4 million prize fund is a constant reminder of why we all get so excited about the event, and there’s plenty of opportunities to get a slice of the cash.

It all kicks off on Sunday 15th March, and runs for just over two weeks until Sunday 29th of March – which is when we’ll see the main event taking place. This final event offers classic Hold’em fan to have a shot at a prize pot of $1,000,000 in just a single event.


Full Tilt Poker logoThe schedule showing full details of all the events is already up for you to check out and decide which games you want to make yourself a part of, but as is often the way with poker, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. While each of the events will cost you hundreds to enter, most of them are accessible if you take part in and win one of the satellites which cost as little as just $0.10, or 100 Full Tilt Points. Satellites are running now, so you’ve plenty of time to win yourself entry into any and all of the events.

Main Event Freerolls

It’s not just the preliminaries that will allow you to win your way in, but the Main Event itself. While other events require you to buy in to the satellites, some lucky players will be able to win their way into the Main Event. Freerolls for entry into the Main Event are being held every day between now and the 27th March, and you don’t even have to win the satellite outright in order to gain entry into the Main Event – the top 5 players in every day’s game will win entry.

Imagine landing yourself a huge chunk of £1,000,000 having not spent even a penny. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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