Full Tilt Poker Extends Gold Rush Promo

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You might remember that, back in December, we brought you news of the Gold Rush promo being run at Full Tilt Poker. You might also remember that we told you the promotion would be ending on the 1st January, but the eagle-eyed among you will realise that this date has been and gone – and the FTP Gold Rush is still very much in full flow!

This is because the site has announced that the Gold Rush promo has been extended for an extra 10 days, meaning that it now expires on January 11th – giving you plenty of time to get in on the action and win some seriously big bucks. Just remember that the promo is only available on the Rush and Adrenaline Rush tables though, so don’t play any other forms of poker at FTP than these.

Rather than go over the ins and outs of this promotion again, we’d suggest taking a look at the previous news story on it.

As a further bonus, there are also two more Gold Rush freerolls being added as well, which are worth significant amounts of money. These two freerolls will be held at the times below (satellites to these events will finish at 11:30 ET on the same day the freerolls take place):

  • 12:00 ET Saturday, January 17th $2,500 Gold Rush Freeroll
  • 12:30 ET Saturday, January 17th $5,000 Gold Rush Freeroll

MiniFTOPS Begins

MiniFTOPS XXVII logoIn other Full Tilt Poker related news, don’t forget that the Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series has already begun – but there are still plenty of events left for you to compete in, many of which offer some stunning prizes.

The premise of the MiniFTOPS is simple – it completely mirrors the standard FTOPS, but is designed for those on a lower budget. This means that the buy-ins are 1/10 the size of the standard FTOPS. Don’t think that this means the prizes are tiny though – the Main Event on January 18th features a $400,000 prize pool, with just a $75 buy-in (plus re-entries). So, head over there today and see if you could be the next big winner

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