Full Tilt’s Freeroll Mayhem – $140,000 on Offer!

Full Tilt's Freeroll Mayhem

Free poker! Free poker for all! That’s the song at Full Tilt this month, where for the next nine days, players can enjoy plenty of opportunities to get involved with freerolls worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. It’s madness, it’s manic, it’s merriment, it’s Freeroll Mayhem! Get it? Cos it’s May…

Like all the best promotions, there isn’t just one prize fund to be fought over in Full Tilt’s latest offer, nor is there just one way to win. All players have at least 13 chances to get their hand on some cash and that’s not even counting the breakdown of prize funds within a game. There’s $140,000 up for grabs, so you know it’s worth getting involved.

$5K Freeroll Mayhem Flip

These tournaments are basically free money gifts from Full Tilt to you. $5,000 is up for grabs every single day from now until the 17th May and absolutely no skill is required to win it. In fact, it’s so devoid of any player input, that you can win without even being at the table.

Full Tilt Poker logoAt 7pm each day that the promotion runs, all players who have qualified for that day’s flip will be automatically entered all-in pre-flop on every hand. This goes on until all but one player has been knocked out, they are crowed champion and are rewarded with the cash. This kind of a game might annoy the most able players, but it means there’s a nice level playing field for all to try their luck.

Qualifying for these events is equally trouble free. As long as you’ve earned a fraction of a Full Tilt point on the day prior to the event, you’ll get yourself entry. Mobile players who complete the requirements are automatically entered, while desktop players need to use their Tournament Ticket to enter.

$10K Freeroll Mayhem

The good news for these games is that they’re completely free to enter and there’s $10,000 on offer in each of them. The bad news is that there’s fewer of them and you’re going to have to bring out your a-game in order to win.

The name of the game is No Limit Hold’em and the times are 1.30pm on Sunday 10th May and Sunday 17th May. It’s a very standard tournament structure, with both mobile and desktop players welcome. To qualify for the $10,000 games, all you need to do is qualify for two or more of the $5,000 games in a single week.

$25K Freeroll Mayhem

You probably get the idea by now – these tournaments have the same deal as the $10,000, but are worth a whole lot more. There are two to enter (3.30pm on Sunday 10th May and Sunday 17th May) and a whopping $25,000 prize fund available in each of them.

Qualification is a little bit simpler for this tournament, though, with fewer hoops to jump through. You need to make a deposit of at least $10 to get entry, but the more you deposit, the more chips you get to play with: $10-$24.99 will get you 1,500 chips, $25-$49.99 will get you 3,000 chips and depositing over $50 will get you a whopping 6,000 chips. Basically, the bigger spenders have a better chance of doing well here.

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