Go Full Tilt with a 6pin It Up Promotion

Full Tilt Poker logoIf you love your mobile poker games and variants on traditional classics then it’s time to get over to Full Tilt Poker. They’re putting their beloved Omaha poker variant in pride of place, and the more you play the more you can win! Isn’t that every poker player’s dream?

6 Card Omaha

Avid poker enthusiasts may have encountered Omaha Hi poker but this one is a little different. 6 Card Omaha starts with two blinds, which are placed at the start of the game by any player. The bet is kept anonymous for the duration of the game and the blinds play as others do at the table. Think of it as a way to play multihand games, as the blinds represent another player.

The game then proceeds as usual, with the hold cards contributing to each player’s winnings for three rounds. This includes those held by the blinds at the end of the table, making for a tense affair indeed. The last round of the game is the showdown, where you had better hope that you have the best cards of the lot or that one of your blinds does.

There are a total of five hold cards within the game, so there are lots of opportunities to win big!

Cash Prizes

Full Tilt Poker LogoTo win in this promotion on Full Tilt it’s all about cashing in on the blind bets while you play. This promotion requires players to opt in first and it can be played on 1p to £1 limit games. If you manage to win 250 blinds during your time on the table then you’ll win instantly. The cash will be valued at 100 blind bets at that table, so if you’re playing at a more expensive table then you’ll win more.

Players can each win a cash prize per day until the 13th of May but only a total of three per player can be won.


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