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It might not be the first name that springs to mind when someone mentions online poker, but bet365 Poker is a majorly underrated site when it comes to the game we all know and love. Not only does the successful online gaming conglomerate boast a popular real-money poker site which attracts players from across the globe, it also features some of the most creative promotions of any poker operator out there. Right now, for instance, bet365 is running a ‘Golden Scratchcards’ event, which is giving players the chance to cash in simply for enjoying the real money poker they were going to be playing anyway.

What you can win

From now until the 10th May, you can collect daily scratchcards, which you can scratch out to reveal prizes of up to £100 each and every day. You’re able to collect up to 10 scratchcards, meaning that the total you could stand to win each day is a whopping £1,000! Of course, you’d be pretty bloody lucky to get the total win on all your scratchcards, but given that you’re guaranteed a prize with every card you receive, there’s no way you can be unlucky.

How to get your scratchcards

Basically, to get your scratchcards, you need to collect two coins (just tokens to trade in for scratchcards), which can be acquired by playing at real money poker tables at bet365 poker. While you need to play a certain amount of poker to be able to get your coins, there are ways to expedite the process – for instance, players engaged on premium tables will find that they’re awarded their two coins far quicker than those playing on standard cash tables.

The great news is that this new promotion is open to everyone, whether you’re a new or existing player, or if you’re playing on your mobile or desktop. This means that you could open an account right now and for the next two weeks you could earn your coins from anywhere! You also have a choice of tables to play at to earn them: cash tables, Scheduled tournaments or Sit & Gos.

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