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One of the biggest horse races in the world will take place this weekend, and whenever the Grand National rolls around, you can be pretty sure that you’ll also be getting a load of Grand National themed promotions. This year, two top poker sites are offering huge promotions to help you cash in on the Grand National without even having to put down a single wager on the race. Sky Poker and are the places to be for the horse event of the year.

Sky Poker

Sky Poker LogoSky Poker is offering players the chance to take place in 2 Grand National Freerolls between now and the weekend. The first of them takes place on Friday 10th April and will see the top 5 players win cash prizes. To take part in the game, players will need to earn themselves 10 Poker Points and spend them in order to secure a seat.

While only the very top players will get themselves any cash directly from the game, the top forty finishers will each be allocated a horse running in the Grand National: the top players will be given the favourites, while the lower performing players will get the outside chances. Then you can kick back and enjoy the sweepstakes!

The cash the top five players will be rewarded with will be allocated like so:

  • 1st £200
  • 2nd £100
  • 3rd £75
  • 4th £50
  • 5th £25

The second freeroll will take place on Saturday April 11th at 6pm. It’s pretty much the same deal as the first one, but with £2,000 on offer to the winner, the stakes are higher and the entrance fee reflects that –50 Poker Points are required to participate.


Casino is doing things a little differently. Instead of having to win a place in the sweepstakes or being randomly allocated a horse, you get to pick your own. Simply by choosing your favourite horse when you’re making your next poker deposit on, you’ll be rewarded with a deposit bonus of a generous 100%. That’s in the bag and not going anywhere – 100% bonus, even if you pick the wrong horse.

The good stuff starts when you pick the winning horse. Every player who backed the winning horse will instantly have their account credited with another bonus worth 50% of their original deposit. Basically, if you manage to pick the fastest horse, you’ll get a 150% bonus and you don’t even have to put a wager down! and Sky Poker else on Droid Poker

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