Introduction to the New Promotions Section

Mobile poker promotions

We know that all you mobile poker players have one thing in common: you simply can’t resist a good promotion from any of the best mobile poker sites out there! That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole part of our news section to bringing you information about every single new bonus or promotion, regardless of how big it is or who has introduced it! So, don’t simply stumble from site to site looking for the best promotions – let us do that for you!

Bonuses can sometimes be worth hundreds of pounds, so they are extremely valuable to every poker player. For example, signing up at most poker sites will see your initial deposit doubled, while other places will even give you free money, simply for signing up! Don’t you want to know about these before you sign up to a site? If you don’t, you probably won’t get the best deal possible – remember, knowing about the new bonuses out there could earn you hundreds of extra pounds to play with!

We’re not all about standard bonuses though, as we also make sure we tell you about every new and innovative promotion out there. Whether you could win a luxury holiday or simply get your hands on a cool t-shirt, there’s no promotion we won’t tell you about. Promotions can often run over long periods too, with the more points you gain leading to better prizes. Therefore, you need to start working on them early. No prizes for guessing which site will make sure you know about promotions as soon as they come out, though…

Don’t forget: if you want to know about every single promotion on every single mobile poker site, we’ve created a massive page for you, listing them all in an easy to read format. Why not check it out today, before you sign up to a mobile poker site?

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