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There’s a new promotion taking place at Full Tilt Poker over the festive period, and the great news for the Scrooges out there is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas! As part of the Gold Rush Promotion Full Tilt is offering players the opportunity to land vast sums of cash – various prizes including up to $10,000 – simply for playing standard games. This promo requires no opting in or for you to deposit – it’s just all about being at the right place at the right time.

How You Can Win

The right place is on Rush Poker ring game tables, while the right time could be anytime between today (19th December 2014) and the 1st January 2014. During this promotional period, each time you put money into a pot on a Rush Poker ring game, you become eligible to be taken to the Gold Rush table. At the Gold Rush table, you’ll discover what is in your very own pot of gold.

Yup, it really is that simple. But before you go thinking that because entry into this promotion is simple the prizes must be rubbish, take a look at what’s on offer.Full Tilt Gold Rush

What You Can Win

Taking your seat at the Gold Rush table means that there will be one of a number of things sat in front of you. At your most unlucky, you might only receive a generous bundle of Full Tilt Points – and yes, they’ll be worth having, but are nothing compared to what else is on offer.

You might also win entry into one of the Gold Rush Freerolls – these tournaments offer the chance for you to win between £2,500 and $5,000 absolutely free.

At your very, very luckiest, you could get handed a load of cash on a platter – no freerolls to be won, no wagering requirements to be met; just cold, hard cash. And how much cash could you win? Well, that depends on your luck, but if you’re one of the top winners, you could land yourself up to $10,000. That’s $10,000 absolutely free. For simply putting some cash into a pot during a Rush Poker game.

The Freerolls

So, there’s a chance your prize will be entry into one of the unique Gold Rush Freeroll games, so you want to be sure you’re able to take part. Depending on when you win your entry, and into which value Freeroll, you’ll be taking part at one of the times below:

  • 12:00 ET Saturday, December 27th $2,500 Gold Rush Freeroll
  • 14:00 ET Saturday, December 27th $5,000 Gold Rush Freeroll
  • 12:00 ET Saturday, January 3rd $2,500 Gold Rush Freeroll
  • 14:00 ET Saturday, January 3rd $5,000 Gold Rush Freeroll

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