Daily UK Majors Worth $400,000 Start At Partypoker

pokerstarsThe Card Hunt promotion at PokerStars is coming to an end so if you haven’t taken part in it yet make sure you do before it’s too late! There’s a whopping £5,000 up for grabs every single day up until the 30th April so you’d be mad to miss out!

How to Enter

card-hunt-pokerstarsThis promotion is really straightforward – basically, you’ll be presented with a different poker puzzle every day and if you manage to complete it you’ll be taking away a cash prize.

Each puzzle will have between 16 and 20 pieces and each one will represent a playing card. It’s your job to find these missing pieces to complete your puzzle and you’ll find them by playing the Hold’em and Zoom cash games. Every time you win a hand with hole cards that match a piece of your puzzle you’ll be able to keep that card for your puzzle.

What You Can Win

pokerstar tournamentAs soon as you complete your puzzle you’ll receive an instant cash prize which will be credited to your account. The prizes are dished out randomly so who knows how much you might win. The prizes range from £1 right up to £5,000 and remember that’s on top of any winnings you manage to scoop up while you’re on your card hunt. There’s only a 0.0005% chance of you scooping up the top prize but the odds of winning £5 are pretty incredible.

You’ll be able to view your prizes in your ‘Challenge Window’ so make sure you check to see what you’ve won. The great thing about this promotion is that anything you win will be yours to keep – there’s no restrictions or earning requirements.

Once you’ve won your prize don’t stop there! Make sure you come back the next day for another shot and take full advantage of this promotion while there’s still time left.


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