Like Pool? Love Poker? This Promo is for You…

Mosconi Cup and Party Poker logos

The Mosconi Cup is perhaps the biggest pool tournament in the world, with the planet’s best players all vying for the honour of being crowned champion. Pool and poker have long gone together hand-in-hand – perhaps due to the fact that they were both originally “bar games” – and this connection is being honoured by the guys over at Party Poker.

They are offering all players the chance to win a great Mosconi Cup package, which includes:

  • Four nights in a top Blackpool hotel
  • $550 in spending money
  • The chance to meet some of the best pool players in the world

How to Win

Winning this tournament requires you to complete four challenges, each of which is related to the Mosconi Cup, with various tenuous links. These four challenges are:

  • 4-peat. In honour of Europe winning the last four Mosconi Cups, Party Poker want you to place first in four Sit & Go tournaments, or 4 MTTs.
  • 1994. The Mosconi Cup was founded in 1994, so the next part of the challenge is to play 94 hands of fastorward poker.
  • Earl the Pearl for USA. Earl Strickland is regarded as one of the best pool players ever. He’s played in the Mosconi Cup 14 times, so in honour of this, you need to eliminate 14 players from Sit & Go tournaments or MTTs.
  • Razor Ralf for Europe. Ralf Souquet has played in 16 Mosconi Cups, so you need to play in 16 MTTs or Sit & Go tournaments.

Once you have completed these four challenges from Party Poker, you’ll be awarded with a ticket to a freeroll, which takes place on November 17th. The top five players will receive this great prize, so you don’t even have to come first in order to win a great weekend in Blackpool. You’d better get started quickly though, as you only have until November 16th to complete all of the challenges!

When you sign up to Party Poker, you’ll also get loads of other benefits, including a welcome bonus worth 100% of your first deposit. So, even if you aren’t a pool fan, it is well worth heading to Party Poker and signing up today!

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