Nine Million New Reasons to Play at PokerStars – Plus the Return of Missions

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Generally being considered the best site in the online and mobile poker industry means that you’re never going to run the risk of being short of players, but at PokerStars, there never seems to be a sense that the poker titan is content with player numbers. This week sees the announcement of two huge events which will no doubt see player numbers skyrocket yet again at the world’s top poker site.

The reintroduction of Mission Weeks on to of a whopping $9,000,000 tournament guarantee demonstrate PokerStars’ commitment to creating a fun and lucrative place to play, and we’ve got all the details of both!


Between now and 1st March, PokerStars will be dishing out tons of bonus cash. The site has put aside $400,000 in order to reward players, and all players have to do to cash in on the generosity is to take part in and complete a series of missions set by PokerStar. Most players will be familiar with Missions promotions held by PartyPoker, and although that’s the site which uses them to reward players the most, it’s nice to see PokerStars get in on the action.

If you manage to complete all of your missions, you’ll be rewarded with entry into one of 8 exclusive freeroll tournaments, each of which promises a total of $50,000 in prizes, and an amazing $5,000 guarantee for the winner.

Mission Weeks at PokerStarsThere are three separate challenges, and you must accept and complete all of them in order to win your prize. Missions include having to play 250 ring game hands and playing 12 Sit n’ Gos. They’ll get increasingly difficult the further you progress towards winning.

You’ll have to opt in before your actions count towards your missions, so don’t forget to head to the ‘Challenges’ tab in the lobby and accepting your missions.

$9m Guarantee

The 8th March is a special day for PokerStars, as it marks the 9th birthday of the site’s Sunday Millions tournaments. To celebrate the auspicious day, the traditional figure for the tournament guarantee is going to be multiplied by 9, meaning that a – frankly quite ridiculous – $9,000,000 is on offer as guarantees for the tournament.

The buy-in for the tournament may be $215 – a bit of a stretch for many players – but considering what’s on offer, it’s not the biggest amount of cash in the world. If you’re determined not to pay it, though, you can always take part in one of the satellite games, which you can enter for as little as $1, and will offer entry into the main event if you win.

With an estimated 60,000 players set to take part, this special Sunday Millions won’t be a walk in the park, but if definitely going to be one of the more exciting online poker events in the coming months.

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