Daily Promotions Until the End of November at Ladbrokes Poker

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Not sure what you’re going to do for the next couple of weeks? Well, if you’re at a loose end until the end of the month, Ladbrokes Poker has you covered. Every day there will be some kind of exciting promotion for you to take part of, and every couple of days the promotion changes to something new and equally fun and exciting. So read on and find out what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your November.

14th and 15th – Mobile Rake Free

Kicking off we have a promo running today and tomorrow only, and for mobile players only! This deal really shouldn’t be missed by mobile players looking to enjoy bigger pots during Cash Table and Speed Cash games. If you play on either of these game modes on your mobile, Ladbrokes guarantees 100% Rake Free pots, meaning cheaper games and bigger prizes. I’d be making the most of this sweet deal while it lasts.

16th to 18th – Points Boost

There’s a lot to be said for loyalty points, and over a three day period Ladbrokes is giving you the chance to land a good old hefty lot of them. At the end of this promotion period, the total number of Status Points (basically loyalty points) you’ve amassed in that time with be multiplied by 1.5. Basically, you’re getting 50 more points than you usually would. Don’t forget that you need to opt in to this promotion before you start earning your points, otherwise it’s all for nothing.

19th to 21st – Speed Points Chase

If the Points Boost was a kind and friendly way to earn points easily, the Speed Points Chase is its boisterous big brother. Over the three days of this promotion you have the chance to win yourself up to £250, and all you need to do is play Speed Cash tables and start playing. The more Status Points you earn for playing, the higher status you’ll achieve; the higher status you achieve, the more cash you’ll be rewarded with!

22nd to 24th – SnG Points Race

Ok, so this one’s super easy to explain. Remember the Speed Points Chase? Well this is almost exactly the same, only this time round you need to make sure you’re playing on Sit & Go tables. Accruing Status Points on these tables means free cash for you!

25th to 27th – Cash Tables Points Chase

If you don’t get what this one’s about, then you really don’t deserve the cash you can get from taking part in it. This promotion offers another £250 to any player who gets to the top rank of Status Points during the promotion. Of course, this time you have to play on the Cash tables.

28th to 30th – All Points Chase

Ending the month with a bigun, the last three days of the month see yet another Points Chase, but this time round you have the pick of the tables for earning those valuable points. You can find out how much you’ll receive depending on the points level you get to below:

  • Level 1 – 75 Points – £1.00
  • Level 2 – 150 Points – £2.25
  • Level 3 – 325 Points – £6.00
  • Level 4 – 800 Points – £15.00
  • Level 5 – 1,250 Points – £25.00
  • Level 6 – 2,000 Points – £45.00
  • Level 7 – 5,000 Points – £115.00
  • Level 8 – 10,000 Points – £250.00

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