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With the Autumn weather forcing most of us back inside after a glorious Summer, there’s nothing better to fill our time than mobile poker. Luckily, poker sites know that they’re about to see an influx of players, and have arranged things to make their sites as attractive as possible, and that means one thing: promotions! On top of an Autumn Sales event at Winner Poker, we’ve also found free tournament tickets for new players at 888Poker, and a Money Ladder promotion at bet365 Poker.

Winner Autumn Sale

While the phrase “Autumn Sale” might conjure up the image of middle aged women buying out of season swimwear they’ll never use, Winner Poker has reclaimed used of the phrase and made it cool again, by offering an Autumn Sale on tournament buy-ins.

Winner Poker LogoUntil Sunday 5th October, players at Winner Poker will be able to enjoy 60% off the normal buy-in cost of tournaments over all levels of play – from rookie to pro – with buy-ins ranging from €3 to over €250, with guaranteed prizes ranging from €1,500 to upwards of €25,000. The combined guaranteed prizes for the tournaments available during the sale comes to a total well over €250,000.

Head to Winner Poker now to check the schedule of tournaments and buy-in for yourself.

Dream Tournaments Tickets for New 888Poker Players


888Poker LogoThis October, 888Poker is adding a brand new element to its new player welcome package. In addition to its existing cash bonus of £12 deposit free on sign up, new players will be welcomed with 2 tickets to the exclusive 888Poker ‘Live the Dream Tournaments’.

Held twice a day, the Live the Dream Tournaments offer a guaranteed $5,000 ‘Fantasy Package’ prize. When you sign up to 888Poker you’ll receive your two tickets automatically without the need to deposit anything. When you do deposit $20 or more, however, you’ll receive extra 6 tickets to the tournaments, and extra 4 are available each day if you complete 888Poker challenges.

This is all available until the 20th October, so you’ve plenty of time to take part.

bet365 Cash Ladder

bet365 Poker LogoOur final suggestion for promotions you might want to be checking out right now is bet365 Poker and the bet365 Cash Ladder, which promises prizes of up to £1,000. The Cash Ladder is basically a reward scheme, in which you can earn cold, hard cash simply for enjoying your favourite poker games.

It works simply enough: to progress up the ladder, you need to earn coins in No Limit Hold’em cash tables, or No Limit Hold’em Sit & Gos. The more coins you receive, the more rungs up the ladder you’ll progress, which will decide how big your ultimate prize will be. You literally just need to play poker, and the rewards will come; you can even track your progress up the ladder in the lobby.

Here’s a good tip if you’re getting bored of waiting to progress up the ladder: you can get double the number of coins if you play at Premium tables.

This is the first of what will be many posts on poker promotions to appear on Droid Poker. Check back in the Winner Poker Logo for regular updates, and also check out our News category for other news on new sites and industry info.

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