PokerStars Billionth Tournament Carnival

PokerStars Billionth Tournament Carnival

People play a lot of poker. So much so, that PokerStars online and mobile poker site will soon be witness to the billionth tournament to be held at the site. No, I didn’t mean to put and ‘m’ there instead of a ‘b’; one BILLION tournaments have taken place at PokerStars in its lifetime, and this milestone isn’t going unnoticed. Over the next two weeks, players at the site will be able to enjoy the Billionth Tournament Carnival, which will offer plenty of treats for all players, old and new.

Why should you be excited about the Carnival? In short, with a guaranteed $5 million worth of prize money on offer, we should all be excited about the Carnival. But it’s not just more money that PokerStars has on offer; no, with a series of unique events taking place from today (17th November 2014) until 30th November, there’ll be loads to keep you locked in and entertained.

What’s on:

17th – 23rd: Golden Sit n Gos

Half a million dollars has been set aside for this event. If you head to the Sit n Go tables during this time, you’ll have the chance of your game becoming a Golden Sit n Go. What this means is that you could have a shit load of money dropped at your table at random, and the winner could walk away with up to 20 times their buy-in. The only way to be in with a chance of winning is to head to those Sit n Gos.

24th – 30th: Increased Guarantees

During this period, there’s a whole lot more money on the line. The guarantees on The Daily Bigs will increase massively (by a whopping $2,000,000), and PokerStars will throw in an extra $100,000 in prizes for those games. The Hot Turbos will also enjoy a boost to their guarantees of $1,000,000, on top of $100,000 more in prizes.

30th: One Billionth Tournament

I think the name of this one pretty much sums it up. You can buy in to this historic tournament for the low, low price of $109. This will get you access to a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $2,000,000. Not only will the winners enjoy vast sums, random players will receive shares of £200,000 over the first 2.5 hours of the tournament, meaning that even hopeless losers could come away with more than their buy-in.

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